Author(s) : Roger Jennings
Publisher : Wrox
Date        : 2009
Pages     : 672
Format    : PDF
ISBN-10  : 047018261X

LINQ and the Entity Framework are revolutionizing .NET database programming. With this book as your guide, you'll discover how to leverage these cutting-edge query and object/relational mapping technologies for enterprise-class computing. It provides you with hands-on coding techniques for data-intensive web and Windows projects. You'll also get quickly up to speed on LINQ technologies with the help of C# and VB programming examples.

Leading Microsoft database authority Roger Jennings first covers LINQ Standard Query Operators (SQOs) and domain-specific LINQ to SQL, LINQ to DataSet, and LINQ to XML implementations for querying generic collections. He then delves into the ADO.NET Entity Framework, Entity Data Model, Entity SQL (eSQL), and LINQ to Entities. Numerous code examples are integrated throughout the chapters that emulate real-world data sources and show you how to develop C# and VB web site/application or Windows projects.

The information in this book will give you the tools to create and maintain applications that are independent of the underlying relational data.

What you will learn from this book:
* A new approach to data access in ADO.NET 3.5 SP1
* Methods for working with advanced LINQ query operators and expressions
* Techniques for querying SQL Server® database with LINQ to SQL
* Approaches for integrating third-party and emerging LINQ implementations
* How to raise the level of data abstraction with the Entity Data Model
* Steps for creating design-time data sources from ObjectContext
* Ways to use the Entity Data Model as a data source