Author(s) : Trond Ytterdal
Publisher : Wiley
Date       : 2003
Format    : PDF
Pages     : 306
ISBN       : 0471498696

In order to keep up with global demand, microelectronics engineers are continually challenged to produce increasingly complex, high performance integrated circuits. The steady downscaling of MOSFET/CMOS technology has highlighted the need for a thorough understanding of the properties, potentials and limitations of the latest device models and technology. Presenting state-of-the-art MOSFET models, this book will prove a valuable reference and text for engineers striving to achieve first-time-right, reduced time-to-market silicon products.

* A complete survey of the CMOS device models used in modern analog and RF integrated circuit design.
* A thorough treatment of the device modeling challenges faced by designers today.
* An examination of the most commonly used MOSFET models, including BSIM4 and EKV.
* A discussion of the modeling of process variations and device mismatch effects, along with device model quality assurance.
* Two accompanying software packages, AIM-Spice and MOSCalc, available via the Internet.

Bridging the gap between modeling and analog circuit design Device Modeling for Analog & RF CMOS Circuit Design will appeal to practicing microelectronics engineers and senior and graduate level students following courses in analog integrated circuit design.