Author(s) : Jan Weitzenbock
Publisher : Woodhead Publishing
Date       : 2012
Format    : PDF
Pages     : 232
ISBN       : 184569452X

Adhesive bonding is an established joining method in the railway and automotive industry. In shipbuilding and offshore engineering, however, it has yet to gain the same broad acceptance. There are many benefits which make adhesive bonding attractive: for example, in lightweight construction, one may join plates that are too thin to weld or materials combinations that cannot be welded. Furthermore, the lack of hotwork produces smooth surfaces and substantially reduces the risk of fire or explosion during construction.

This book aims to provide a rigorous treatment of the subject with a focus on practical application and use. It also focuses on adhesively bonded joints that transfer loads and moments and have a structural function, rather than adhesion of thin films or sheets, such as coatings.

Chapters address many important aspects for the successful application of adhesive bonding in shipbuilding and offshore structures, such as: requirements for bonded connections, selection of adhesives and pre-design, design and fabrication of bonded joints for advanced ships, design of adhesively bonded joints for wind turbine blades and predicting failure of bonded joints.