Author(s) : Tyler G. Hicks
Publisher : McGraw-Hill Professional; 2nd edition
Date       : 2006
Pages     : 1436
Format    : PDF
ISBN-10  : 0071458867

From the Back Cover
Solve Any Mechanical Engineering Problem -- Quickly and Accurately!
Get fast, accurate solutions to virtually any day-to-day mechanical engineering problem with the revised Handbook of Mechanical Engineering Calculations, Second Edition. This update of Tyler Hicks' classic work equips you with numbered, step-by-step procedures for solving specific problems, together with worked-out examples that give numerical results for the calculations. The Handbook offers expert solutions to thousands of mechanical engineering problems, all logically organized under four headings: power generation:plant and facilities engineering:environmental control:and design engineering. Ranging from power plant equipment, combustion, compressors, heat exchanges, and refrigeration:to wastewater treatment, HVAC, machine design, and metalworking, this reference will help you obtain on-target results with maximum efficiency.

The Second Edition features include:
* Cutting-edge calculation procedures for design engineering advances in shafts,bearings, springs, and brakes
* The latest automatic and digital control calculations
* Numerous worked-out examples in USCS and SI units
* Helpful numbered steps showing the exact procedure for computing desired results
* A wealth of information new to the Second Edition on alternative and renewable energy, gas turbine installations, plastics, pumps and piping, refrigerants, plumbing, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, space humidification systems, and much more.