Author(s) : Grant McFarland
Publisher : McGraw-Hill Professional; 1st edition
Date       : 2006
Pages     : 432
Format    : PDF
ISBN-10  : 0071459510

Gain a Working Knowledge of the Entire Microprocessor Design Flow
This unique step-by-step guide is a complete introduction to modern microprocessor design, explained in simple nontechnical language without complex mathematics. An ideal primer for those working in or studying the semiconductor industry, Microprocessor Design explains all the key concepts, terms, and acronyms needed to understand the steps required to design and manufacture a microprocessor.

Developed from a successful corporate training course, this hands-on learning guide walks readers through every step of microprocessor design. You'll follow a new processor product from initial planning through design to production. In Microprocessor Design, the author converts his real-world design and teaching experience into an easy-to-follow reference employing an on-the-job-training approach to cover:
* The evolution of microprocessors
* Microprocessor design planning
* Architecture and microarchitecture
* Logic design and circuit design
* Semiconductor manufacturing
* Processor packaging and test

This authoritative reference is an excellent introduction for students or engineers new to processor design and can show industry veterans how their specialty fits into the overall design flow. This accessible and practical guide will provide the reader with a broad working knowledge of the concepts of microprocessor design, as well as an understanding of the individual steps in the process and the jargon used by the industry.