Author(s) : Nell Dale, Chip Weems,
                 Mark Headington
Publisher  : Jones and Bartlett Publishers
Date        : 2003
Pages      : 811
Format     : PDF
ISBN       : 0-7637-0490-3

Programming and Problem Solving with Java™ represents a significant transition in the development of the Dale series, with much that is new. Here we briefly summarize the features of this new text.

The most obvious new feature is the beautiful full-color design, which allows us to use colored code displays that follow conventions similar to the editors found in integrated development environments.The code coloring conventions also make syntax stand out from the text more effectively. For the first time,we are able to show realistic full-color screen images of program output. Color is used extensively to enhance the clarity and improve overall readability of illustrations, feature boxes, and other elements of the text.We’re very excited to add this new dimension to our pedagogical toolkit.

This book has been developed from the ground up to be a Java text. It is not a “Java translation” of our previous texts. We have, however, retained our familiar easy-to-read style and clear approach to introducing new topics. Each chapter has the same overall organization as in our previous books, with a full problem-solving case study, testing and debugging hints, summary, and five types of exercises. Also, some topics, such as problem solving, are independent of the programming language and thus contain familiar discussions.

An exciting new feature in each chapter is the division of the learning goals into knowledge goals and skill goals. Each chapter thus addresses specific concepts that students should understand as distinct from skills that they should develop. For example, in the chapter that covers inheritance, students are expected to understand the concept of a class hierarchy, and to be able to implement a derived class.