Author(s) : Steve Adrien Deluca
Publisher : Sams; 1st edition
Date       : 1997
Pages     : 604
Format    : PDF
ISBN-10  : 0672311593
ISBN-13  : 978-0672311598

I have worked with Oracle for many years. Every time a new version is released or a new problem crops up, I am rejuvenated; I become excited about working with Oracle again. I want to share this enthusiasm with you, and I hope that after you become familiar with Oracle, more and more aspects of the Oracle RDBMS will interest you. The most important thing is that you enjoy what you are doing; I hope that you enjoy working with Oracle as much as I do.

The Oracle RDBMS is an enormous environment with unlimited potential. When you start working with Oracle, you might find it overwhelming. Don't give up; you will see how the different components work together as you learn about the Oracle RDBMS. Rarely do I undertake a project without learning something new about Oracle.