Author(s) : S.V.Kulkarni & S.A.Khaparde
Publisher : Marcel Decker
Date       : 2004
Pages      : 478
Format    : PDF
ISBN       : 0824756533

In the last decade, rapid advancements and developments have taken place in the design, analysis, manufacturing and condition-monitoring technologies of transformers. The technological progress will continue in the forthcoming years. The phenomenal growth of power systems has put tremendous responsibilities on the transformer industry to supply reliable and cost-effective transformers. There is a continuous increase in ratings of generator transformers and autotransformers. Further, the ongoing trend to go for higher system voltages for transmission increases the voltage rating of transformers. The increase in current and voltage ratings calls for special design and manufacturing considerations. Advanced computational techniques have to be used that should be backed up by experimental verification to ensure quality of design and manufacturing processes. Some of the vital design challenges are: stray loss control, accurate prediction of winding hot spots, short-circuit withstand capability and reliable insulation design. With the increase in MVA ratings, the weight and size of large transformers approach or exceed transport and manufacturing capability limits.